We stand unshaken in our support for Congressional candidate Alex Morse following fabricated accusations of sexual misconduct made by leaders of the College Democrats of UMass Amherst. 

Since the initial allegations, The Intercept has revealed nearly a year-long, coordinated effort to sabotage Mayor Morse’s campaign in our district. It is most alarming, that the Massachusetts Democratic Party itself colluded with the College Democrats to favor the 15-term incumbent, Congressman Richard Neal. The leaders of the College Democrats utilized homophobic tropes, culminating in allegations being made just three weeks before the primary. 

We say no to homophobic tropes. We say no to cynically exploiting social issues for political gain. We say no to the rampant corruption that continues to degrade our democracy. All of those involved with this reprehensible smear campaign must be held accountable for their actions.

All too often, when progressive candidates rise electorally to unseat entrenched power in government, the political machine resorts to tactics such as these- not only in this race, but in those across the country. Such underhanded tactics are a disservice to voters and to fair elections- indeed, they are a disservice to democracy itself.

Alex Morse is a proponent of desperately needed policies such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. These policies are now being blocked by another form of corruption– corporate donors buying political influence in order to maintain the status quo — no matter how noxious or unsustainable it is. 

Morse is running a clean campaign to challenge a prominent, corporate democrat who is known for accepting such money to prevent needed change. People are sick and tired of the corruption of American politics that corrodes our democracy. We urge the first congressional district to support Morse in this critical election, and for our supporters to contribute to his campaign to ensure his victory on September 1st.

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