August 15 2020

The failed entrapment scheme of MA-1 candidate Alex Morse by members of the College Democrats of Massachusetts, apparently with support of others in the Democratic Party, has been exposed extensively in the media. In the process, members of the press and laypeople have been responsible for spreading inaccurate information about where the DSA stands on this—not without some reason, but in our view, without due care. The leadership of the DSA locals involved would like to set the record straight. 

The DSA chapters covering MA-1, and DSA generally, have not “unendorsed” Morse. 

Berkshires DSA endorsed Morse in the spring, and continues to. 

Pioneer Valley DSA narrowly voted not to endorse Morse in June, for political and material reasons that have nothing to do with this current situation. In point of fact, a majority of the chapter voted to endorse, but Pioneer Valley requires a two-thirds vote in an endorsement case. 

DSA’s national electoral committee was never involved at all.

Some social media posts on the College Democrats issue made early last week by Merrimack Valley DSA—a neighborhood branch of Boston DSA, which is not in Morse’s district and never endorsed him in the first place—were quickly taken down, and apologized for, when members of Pioneer Valley and Berkshires raised concerns. But it seems that those posts were the source of a rumor that DSA “unendorsed” Morse, which resulted in DSA being fodder for a theory of leftist discord or self-sabotage. Attempts were made early on to correct these mistakes via direct communication; some gestures were made to publicize this by a few in error. Despite that, we’ve found there is still a motivated misreading by those who wish to keep this “the Left is eating itself” theory alive, and implicate the DSA in it. 

Many who’ve presented themselves as analysts, who have made inaccurate claims about DSA and have traded in conjecture and errors about Western Massachusetts generally, haven’t reached out to either of the chapters actually in MA-1. We ask that they consider that lack of thoroughness and dismissal of local perspectives and details in light of the subject at hand. 

And, since people seem to think we need to weigh in on the subject at hand, let it be clear. What the College Democrats, an arm of the DNC, tried to do to Alex Morse is reprehensible, but rather unsurprising given the way the Democratic Party runs, and the low regard some of its operators seem to have for voters and for much of its own most promising political talent. From what’s come out, it appears that the Democratic Party establishment and its instruments—some college students with questionable ethics, trying to get into the Democratic Party job pipeline—attempted to capitalize on a cynical theory that voters in MA-1 are sex-panicked homophobes to “sink the career” of a progressive candidate of growing popularity, and keep one of their own in power. We’re pleased this crude, disgusting ploy is blowing up in their faces, and are pleased Alex Morse is vindicated by his actions and the factual record, which he has spoken about himself in recent days. We think it’s absurd he was ever forced to defend himself at all. 


Pioneer Valley DSA Executive Committee

Berkshires DSA Executive Committee

Boston DSA Coordinating Committee 

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