Berkshires DSA stands in solidarity with the true heroes of our community during the COVID-19 crisis. 

While most of us are working from home, furloughed, laid-off or were even unemployed before COVID-19, there are a great many workers who are on the frontline of this crisis supporting the lifelines of our community in the grocery, sanitation, utility and healthcare industries.

Local journalists have investigated concerns at Berkshire Health Systems and shared the struggles of individuals around the county. Stories are percolating through the community about how essential workers: aren’t being effectively protected from the virus (not receiving PPE or being told not to wear it in the case of some grocery workers) and feel unsafe—and they are. 

While the Berkshires community has shown gratitude to essential healthcare workers in the area, Berkshires DSA is interested in supporting efforts to thank ALL essential workers, by helping them (and their unions) to demand proper safety equipment, pay adjustment for working in hazardous conditions and a raised level of pay and respect after social distancing.

It’s unacceptable that the richest country in the world doesn’t have the equipment needed to protect the backbone of our nation in a time of crisis. It’s unacceptable that in the wealthiest country, we cannot provide healthcare for all.

Berkshires DSA demands #PeopleOverProfit.

As we look at ways to provide aid to our community and organize with local unions, we ask members of the community to share your story. Send us your story (anonymously if you prefer) about how your employer at a deemed essential business is not protecting you or someone you know from COVID-19, and putting profit over people.E-mail with your stories and we will share them. Let’s speak up. Let’s get loud! Solidarity!

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